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In the project ‘Play Green’ we developed a concept for a new board-game, and looked into special materials that can be found in nature.

“An interactive group game inciting creativity, speed and cleverness”

The game idea - two teams of Players take turns competing against each other. They play interactive mini-games which each group solves together.

Game set up

The playing field is unfolded and the materials from the pockets are put in the middle of the river.

Goal of the game

The goal is to earn most of the resources in order to build your village. The team that collected all the resources first, wins the game.



Resources for building your team’s village can be gained through four different mini games.
Respectively: Building images, Building towers, Building roads, Balancing stones

Done as part of my studies in KISD - Köln International School of Design.
In cooperation with - Lucca Sophie & Lina Dorgens