This is a concept window display for a bookstore I designed as my graduation project in Bezalel Academy of Art & Design. The idea for the project arose from a combined interest in installation, mixed media and fondness of children's stories and fantasy.

height - 1.80 meter
width - 3.60 meter

catalog 1.jpg

Animation 1

‘The Little Mermaid’

Three different fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen were the theme of the display.

catalog 2.jpg

Animation 2

‘The Snow Queen’

Each fairy tale was illustrated and then animated. walking the line of children and adults stories and being charming or horrifying at the same time, Andersen’s fairy tales supplied an ample amount of inspiration and interest to work with.

catalog 3.jpg

Animation 3

‘The Traveling Companion’

There are 5 wooden boards shaped as forms flowing out of a book, on which the animation is being projected.

Done as a graduation project for my Visual Communication studies in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.